Concorso Internazionale di Musica Città di Stresa

XXXVIII Edizione Online 2021

The Concorso Internazionale di Music Città di Stresa XXXVIII Edizione 2021 will be held Online due to the Coronavirus restrictions. For updates on the Rules of Admission please dowload the pdf file the is available on this page or link above on the menu. For any information needed please send us an email.

We hope you stay healthy and safe in these difficult times.

The president Albino Scarinzi,

Artistic Director Christian Cocolicchio and

Academic Committee (Matteo Bertolina, Fabio Fabbri, Mauro Bonelli e Daniele Lombardi)

Welcome to the Concorso Internazionale di Musica Città di Stresa XXXVIII Edition 2021. The International Music Competition “Città di Stresa” is at its XXXVIII edition in 2021. The competition is open to all musicians: singers, solo musicians, chamber ensembles, choirs and composers. Candidates from conservatories, Public and Private Music schools, Academies and private students. The competition is divided into sections by instruments and categories by age with the classical music repertoire. The International Music Competition “Città di Stresa” creates a music network, immersed in one of the most beautiful places in Italy by the Lake Maggiore, june 2021.

For further information please send us an Email: info@concorsostresa.it

Important Updates: Rules of Admission doc available for download.

Admission rules

Download the Admission Rules Pdf

Download the Application in PDF format.

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